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What is the "5-Day End of Addictive Eating" Retreat 


Are you ready to end your

abusive relationship with food? 

What You'll Learn 

Delicious, Healthy, Made with Love, Cuisine

The Time is NOW!

Say Yes!


Sandra Understands...

Does any of this sound familiar? 

Boutique chalet accommodations for four nights, with shared bathrooms

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This 5-Day exclusive Food Addiction Recovery Retreat takes place in Ontario, CANADA. 

Coming soon! These five days will change your life, help you make peace with yourself, and feel safe to do it all with like-minded individuals who also dream of finding Food Serenity.

Sandra is the perfect host and facilitator. 

Sandra has lost over 100 pounds and kept it off for more than 14 years. Now, as one of the world’s first Certified Food Addiction Counselors, Sandra is a true pioneer in the field of recovery from compulsive overeating, addictive eating, and obesity management. 

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This is the PERFECT sanctuary to get away from your everyday life in a setting where you can be your true self as you detox, retrain your brain, and connect to your Spirit. 

You will be forever changed in the company of beautiful seekers, all achieving peace and neutrality with food.

Quiet beaches, hiking trails, and unforgettable sailing vistas are all within easy reach. Each day will be a unique experience that combines self-care, inspiration, hands-on-learning, deep knowledge and time for independent reflection and relaxation. 

You will take advantage of everything the chalet and season has to offer. Daily visits with nature, time by the water, games for all to enjoy, nights by the fire under the stars.

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Picture this... 


 The sun is setting after an afternoon of inspiration, reflection, cooking, eating, and connection.

You're strolling along the water watching the boats and wildlife, and with a sigh of contentment, you relax and take in the fresh Canadian air and realize you have found your way! You will recover!

That's exactly what you will be experiencing at Sandra Elia's exclusive 5-day retreat called the End of Addictive Eating. 

 Achieve lasting freedom from addictive eating & weight gain.

  Detox from trigger foods, experience craving elimination, eat to stabilize your hormones and achieve appetite correction.

 Adopt a meal plan for lifelong recovery, while losing weight naturally.​​​​​​​

  Work with a chef each day to learn how to create beautiful and delicious meals at home. 

 Understand the role of your brain in addiction – hint… it’s not about willpower... You’ve got plenty of that!

 Break the addiction loop and mastering your thinking - leading to the END of compulsive overeating.

✓ Regain the Power of Choice, developing interventions, techniques and a daily spiritual practice.

 Learn from our expert talks to open your mind to solutions beyond dieting, aimed at healing the body, mind, and spirit.

During this retreat, you'll be supported to journey to places of forgiveness, self-awareness, love, and strength inside yourself that you'd never see amidst the distractions of work and home. 

The End of Addictive Eating will give you EXACTLY what you need to find peace and neutrality with food! Through daily practices such as meditation, light physical activity, cooking classes, bonfires, and inspiring expert talks given by world experts in the field of food addiction and weight management, you’ll return home with a new sense of energy and inner strength that will serve you in a big way.

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By the time you pack up and head home, you will have entered the land of neutrality and peace with food, reconnected to your authentic Self.

You will experience a shift in perception, retrain your brain, and develop a new and healthy relationship with food.  Unlock a new level of strength for creating health and abundance in your life (while having lots of fun and making new friends!).

Daily meals from a Local Chef, with local ingredients, feels like a big hug that will heal your heart and bring you back to center.  Fresh farm to table meals from Spanish paella to roasted red pepper and tomato cream soup, to zucchini spiral pasta with a rich tomato sauce and fresh parmesan slivers, the food here tells the story of recovery that is sustainable and enjoyable for a lifetime.

You’ll leave this retreat feeling confident in the kitchen, armed with recipes that will delight you and sustain the process you’ve made at the retreat.

Got special dietary concerns? No worries, we'll take care of you!

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What's NOT included: 

    • Travel to and from the retreat

    • Spa treatments

What's Included:

• Boutique Chalet accommodations double occupancy (single occupancy available at an additional cost) for four nights 

• A delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner for four days cooked by a top chef

• Morning Meditation 

• Evening Circles by the fire (if weather permits)

• Four Transformational Workshops to address emotional and addictive eating while offering cognitive behavioral techniques

• Four Inspiring Talks from Industry Experts

One-year of follow up support afterward

• Online Food Addiction Recovery Program (worth $997)​​​​​​​
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Some of what you'll learn:


• Understand how highly processed foods affect your brain which propels you to compulsively overeat  
• Examine the Limbic / Reward pathways
• Recognize the foods that give you massive hits of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins
• Create new neural pathways and end the addiction loop
• Manage cravings
• Eat mindfully
• Create a Spiritual Practice
• Deal with intense feelings when addictive eating stops
• Navigate relationships in recovery
• Learn about codependency and how to detach with love
• Create a support network to ensure success
• Prevent relapse and maintain recovery ​​​​​​​

I’ve tried EVERYTHING and nothing works for me. I've decided this will just be a lifelong struggle.

Sandra is here to tell you that you’ve been on the wrong treatment plan. Diets will keep a food addict stuck and sick.  You haven’t failed, you’ve just been on the wrong treatment plan. This retreat will show you the way out.

I don’t have another diet in me. I never want to count calories, points, or carbs ever again. 

You’ll never need to diet again once you have a shift in perception, seeing real food as food and seeing ultra-processed foods as chemically engineered, disease-causing, highly addictive food-like substances.  You’ll leave never want to ingest these food-like substances again!

I've never been able to lose weight and keep it off. 

We’ll give you a meal plan for recovery.  You’ll eat to stabilize your hormones and achieve appetite correction and extinguish cravings.  This will lead you to naturally and effortless loss weight.

I don’t know how to manage cravings and urges.

Sandra will show you a simple 3-step process that you can use in real time to feel safe and confident while facing a craving.  We promise cravings will dissipate and weaken.

I’m an emotional eater, how will I cope without using food for comfort?

If you want to know what drives you to abuse food… stop abusing food.  Your recovery can’t depend on emotional stability all the time (that’s just not life).  Sandra will bring awareness to how your thinking directly affects your emotions. Master your thinking – master your emotions.

I can’t do this, I never been able to succeed at weight loss.

Your greatest obstacle to weight loss is your mind.  Sandra will show you how to overcome your self-defeating thinking and tap into your Spirit. Your Spirit hungers for nothing, rages at no one, fears nothing, and is at perfect peace.  Living, selecting food and eating from this perfect place of love inside of you will give you the life of your dreams.

What if...

you returned home so inspired by a new perspective of yourself that you were able to reach all of your health goals, even causing people and life circumstances to respond more favorably towards you?

How would it feel...

to breathe joy, strength, and confidence into your life, allowing you to grow in new and exciting ways and without fear of food, no longer fighting food?

What would it mean to you...

to get your eating under control, lose weight without focusing on your weight?

What would your life be like if...

all the mind chatter around getting food, eating food, hiding food was all gone, freeing your mind to create the life you’ve always wanted?

But what if ... NOW is the time?

Get started on this amazing 5-day intimate retreat of self-discovery.

Sandra is only taking 14 people, so secure your spot now!

Please see the two different booking options below! 

Rooming Options


​​​​​​​Appreciate your privacy? 

Single Occupancy $3,499 CDN

Remember, this also includes one-year of follow up support afterward. Along with the Online Food Addiction Recovery Program (worth $997)


Don't mind sharing a room?  

Double Occupancy $2,999 CDN

Remember, this also includes one-year of follow up support afterward. Along with the Online Food Addiction Recovery Program (worth $997)


A $500 deposit is required. Upon payment, Sandra will contact you to arrange the balance. Payment plans are no problem!

Days left to register...



Retreat is being held at Grail Springs

Grail Springs, in Bancroft, Ontario is an award-winning holistic health and wellness destination specializing in the body, mind, spirit integration and dedicated to the wellbeing of of people, animals and planet, respecting their inter-dependancy on each other for sustainable health for all. Grail Springs's mission is to provide experiences which teaches and integrates body, mind, and Spirit, bringing balance to all aspects of our lives that make us whole, happy, wise and fulfilled.  This a plant-based resort.

Come away with me