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Sandra Walks Her Talk

Sandra knows first hand about Food Addiction...

Sandra is authentic, open-hearted, real, and at times, raw, not to mention she’s lost over a 100 pounds and has kept it off for over 12 years!

She shows up and creates a sacred space for great healing and coaching for all her students. It’s amazing to not only witness but also to participate. Sandra uses her own life experiences to bring the theory and facts to life.

Are you ready to heal your food addiction for once and for all with Sandra and a like-minded community of friends?

Sandra Elia offers real-life solutions for real food addictions.

Welcome to the Food Addiction Recovery Program

Take the Food Addiction Quiz?

Food is one of our most basic needs . . . But for some people, certain foods trigger overwhelming ‘feel-good brain chemicals’ that overtake their brain’s reward pathway. And they can’t stop eating. Literally.

In the same way that a smoker craves a cigarette or an alcoholic can’t stop after one drink, there are some folks who simply can’t stop eating after they take that first bite. Their brain is hijacked. Chemicals are racing and the addictive cycle has begun.


If you answer yes to 3 or more of these questions…
The Food Addiction Recovery Program is for you

1.  Have you ever wanted to stop eating and found you just couldn’t?

2.  Do you think about food or your weight constantly?

3.   Do you find yourself attempting one diet or food plan after another, with no lasting success?

4.   Do you binge and then “get rid of the binge” through vomiting, exercise, laxatives, or other forms of purging?

5.   Do you eat differently in private than you do in front of other people?

6.   Has a doctor or family member ever approached you with concern about your eating habits or weight?

7.   Do you eat large quantities of food at one time (binge)?

8.   Is your weight problem due to your “nibbling” all day long?

9.   Do you eat to escape from your feelings?

10.  Do you eat when you’re not hungry?

11.   Have you ever discarded food, only to retrieve and eat it later?

12.   Do you eat in secret?

13.   Do you fast or severely restrict your food intake?

14.   Have you ever stolen other people’s food?

15.   Have you ever hidden food to make sure you have “enough?”

16.   Do you feel driven to exercise excessively to control your weight?

17.   Do you obsessively calculate the calories you’ve burned against the calories you’ve eaten?

18.   Do you frequently feel guilty or ashamed about what you’ve eaten?

19.   Are you waiting for your life to begin “when you lose the weight?”

20.   Do you feel hopeless about your relationship with food?


Are you a food addict?

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Sandra's Services

From counseling to online courses to a 5-day retreat, Sandra has got you covered.

Sandra has worked alongside medical doctors and addiction doctors to develop a program that has yielded tremendous success. Weight loss and most importantly the mind chatter with food is gone. Patients report having found peace with food. 

From one-on-one coaching to Sandra's "8-Week End Food Addiction Course" to her "5-Day Intensive End Food Addiction Retreat", Sandra can help you take back your power around food.

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First Pillar of Food Recovery

Eliminate your addictive foods.  These are foods that you obsessed about, generally processed foods, that once you start eating them it very difficult to stop and often lead to a binge.  Eliminating these trigger foods will lessen the cravings and urges to have these foods and bring about appetite correction.​​​​​​​

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Second Pillar of Food Recovery

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Create a Support Network.  You need to be tapped into a community of people all trying to do the same thing you're trying to do.  Who you surround yourself with is who you become.  Find the support you'll need to get through stressful situations, holidays and strategies to handle the "food pushers" in your life

Third Pillar of Food Recovery

 Develop spirituality and mindfulness.  Addictive Eating is Mindless Eating.  One of the greatest obstacles to weight loss is your thinking. Your thoughts can tell you that you're hungry when you're not.  Your thinking can drive you to eat in destructive ways. This is where spirituality comes in. Spirituality is about tapping into your authentic self where compulsion doesn't live.  A place where you don't fear, you don't rage, a place where you are at perfect peace.  This is where your power lives. 

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Sandra is a recovered food addict, who has lost over 100 pounds 14 years ago.  She wants to share everything she learned along the way and what she learns each and every day working with hundreds of recovering food addicts.​​​​​​​

Sandra invites you into her community of seekers looking for a solution beyond diets, aimed at healing the mind, body, and spirit.  Ready to join her?



"I am inspired by and impacted by Sandra at every touch point I have with her. And I have had many. Whether it’s her life coaching, her eating addiction programming (that she built from scratch), her public speaking, her volunteering, her parenting, or being her friend and seeing how much she is loved and needed by her family and friends … she is the same authentic, energetic, passionate Sandra in all she touches. The world needs more people like Sandra. I’m sure of it."


~ Dr. Zayna Khayat - Future Strategist



"Successful obesity management requires more than calorie reduction, it involves a greater understanding of each individual values, emotions, and history and how these all connect to their food choices and coping mechanisms. Sandra Elia's food addiction program helps clients to understand the core reasons for their struggle and how move beyond the frustration.  Sandra offers more than just a way to decrease weight, but moreso a better way to live.  As a medical doctor, I  highly value Sandra's program, and how she genuinely cares for each client.  Thank you Sandra."

~ Dr. Sean Wharton, MD, PharmD, FRCP(C)
Internal Medicine Specialist, Adjunct Professor McMaster University and York University

Diplomat of the American Board of Obesity Medicine

"Sandra Elia is a certified food addiction coach who walks the talk.  She understands food addiction personally and professionally. Her program is about recovery from food obsession with the promise of long-term sustainable weight loss. She is the real deal."


 Dr. Vera Tarman, MD, M.Sc, FCFP, CASAM, ABAM Diplomate 



Are you ready to find Food Serenity? 

Enjoy Sandra's 3-Part FREE Video Series to help you
Recover from Food Addiction 

 Discover the 3 Pillars to Food Serenity

 Learn why food addiction is not about food

 Stop being fooled by the FDA and false advertising

 Realize weight loss has nothing to do with the scale

 Give yourself permission to enjoy food again

 Become your own best friend

 Connect with a community of like-minded people

If you need to get in touch with Sandra, leave a message here, she'll get back to you within 48 hours


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Welcome to the Food Addiction Recovery Program 

Sandra Elia

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