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By participating in any of Sandra Elia's Affiliate Program and promotions, you agree to

our Programs Terms and Conditions outlined in this Agreement. If you do not agree to or

understand any of the language within any of these Terms and Conditions, then please do not sign up for or participate in any of our promotions.


Affiliates must be 18 years or older to participate in any promotion. The Company reserves the unconditional right to accept or deny any Affiliate who enters any promotion on the Company’s website at (the “Company Website”) or who drives traffic to

any of the Company’s websites.

Affiliate will be immediately removed from the promotion and from the Company’s

Affiliate Program and will be in violation of this Agreement if their marketing or promotions

contain or link to inappropriate or explicit material or illegal activity.

The Company reserves the right to disqualify Affiliate from the Company’s Affiliate

Program, cancel pending commissions based on inappropriate behavior or marketing by the


You may use ONLY honest, ethical means for promoting the Company’s products and programs.

Important note: It is crucial that you never input names and emails yourself. This can lead to

our site being shut down due to spam laws. Misuse of your Affiliate link to generate leads

that are not unique and genuine will result in termination of your Affiliate status and may

result in legal action.


The Affiliate agrees to send only the email copy (swipe copy) provided in the ACC to their

lists. The Company will not tolerate any Affiliate who spams any party, list, or individual or

uses subscription spamming. Affiliates who use spamming practices, will be removed from

the Company’s Affiliate Program, and their commissions or pending commissions will be

canceled and/or forfeited. Spam is defined as emailing or posting to anyone who has not

requested information via email or any website, and also includes “spamming search engines”

with links.

The Affiliate may not use unsolicited commercial email, spam, search engine spam, or other

illegal or unethical means by which to generate referral commissions. Links are intended to drive

new customers to the Company. All customer information collected during any promotion shall

be owned by the Company. All information collected before, during and after any promotion will

be managed under the Privacy Policy of the Company.

Affiliate agree to abide by all Federal Trade Commission Guidelines and the U.S. Federal



Affiliates agree to use only the Company’s banners, images or videos provided in the ACC.

You may not use any images, banners or videos as if they are your own on your own sites or any

other sites. All website URL’s remain the property of the Company and may be used only in

accordance with links provided in the ACC and where they are imbedded in banners or images.

The Company will provide Affiliate with Links for the Company’s promotions as well as any

related banners, graphics or text ads necessary to promote and offer the products to the

Affiliate's customers via the Affiliate’s sites or emails. Affiliate may ONLY utilize

their unique link provided by the Company on the Affiliate’s own websites or emails.

Affiliate may not post their link on any other websites that are not owned or maintained by

the Affiliate or the Affiliate’s brand, with the exception of ads or social media

placements. Spamming the internet with links outside of the Affiliate's direct email list,

websites or social media pages will be considered a violation of this Agreement and will result in

a cancellation, forfeiture and denial of all Affiliate benefits, prizes and commissions.


The Company makes NO guarantees that you will achieve any results from its products,

programs or promotions. There is no guarantee that you will get any specific results or earn any

money whatsoever during any promotion. Nothing on any of the Company’s websites or

communications should be construed as a promise or guarantee of earnings. Every person’s

success in promoting the Company’s products and programs, depends on their background,

dedication, desire and motivation.


Commissions paid out will be in Canadian currency through Paypal.

All commissions will be paid out at the conclusion of the course.

The Affiliate will receive 50% (pre-tax) of the sale price of each product that is directly

referred by the Affiliate to the Company’s website through the Affiliate’s unique link.

Affiliate cannot purchase a product or program for their own use through their own

link and receive commission on their own sale.

Affiliate will be paid commission only on successfully processed transactions as indicated

in your “you’ve earned a commission” email alerts as they occur.

Participants of the program have 30 calendar days from its commencement to request a full refund.

Should this occur and a refund is fulfilled, then the affiliate sale is no longer considered commissionable.

Affiliate commissions will not be paid based on any sales or amounts that are attributed to

spam, any kind of fraud, or returned products.

The Company makes every reasonable effort to accurately track and pay commissions for all

sales that come from Affiliate, but is not responsible nor under any circumstances will be

held liable for any technical difficulties, outside events, or other uncontrollable events that may

disrupt or interfere with the Company’s ability to track sales or pay commissions.


Nothing in this Agreement shall be deemed to create a partnership, joint venture, agency

relationship, or employment relationship between the Affiliate and the Company. The

Affiliate is participating in promotions as a fully independent entity and is responsible for

any and all federal, state, local, and/or foreign income taxes and self-employment taxes. As well

the Affiliate will ensure any and federal, state, and local licensees, fees or taxes, or sales tax,

including withholding taxes, social security taxes, and public liability and workman’s

compensation insurance is paid accordingly. Under no circumstances will the Company be held

liable for any actions of the Affiliate.


The relationship between the Parties may be terminated by either party at any time.


You can contact us with any questions about the Affiliate Program by email to