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I would like to express my sincere gratitude for accepting me into the Food Addiction group.  Your blog resonated with me on so many levels.  I want to thank you for being such a credible presenter.  Your authenticity and passion are truly inspirational.  I finally feel that I may have found something that will transform my life.  I am looking forward to future sessions.  Your approach, ‘a spiritual guide to healthy body size’, is a perfect fit for me as I am deeply religious.

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Thank you, Sandra. You show me a different way of taking care of myself: SELF-LOVE. It was a day full of deep & sincere information and tools. Best workshop for anyone struggling with food addiction.

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I wanted you to know that your weekly sessions have made an definite impact on how I perceive my hunger and desires to eat uncontrollably.   Since our time together I have seriously taken in what you have taught me and have become  MIND-FULL of my intake.    I weigh myself only once a week and have now lost about 30 pounds, but more importantly I eat healthy and exercise much more.  I feel better about myself and look forward to LIFE each day.  (that was an unexpected takeaway)

You are a truly a very gifted person that relates unbelievably with others.  I wish you all the success in your endeavours.

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Amazing message, Sandra. Thank you for sharing it. I still sometimes wonder if I am an emotional or drinker or alcoholic. I have symptoms of both. Reading your email helped me to realize that knowing which I am isn’t important— staying sane is, and staying sane is much harder for me when I drink.

Love you!

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Sandra thank you for doing what you do so compassionately. Your decision to plan and work,  then share your life changing passion with others is inspirational to me. These past few weeks find me moving closer,  step by step, towards my goal : to be at peace with food and all its attachments. The FA Group is magical. The struggles, the pain, the bravery, the joy, the insights and the comradery are powerful teachers

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Yes, I too feel that tug of the loss of our Wednesday "weness", Sandra. I am thinking of our group as people huddled 'round a campfire sharing stories from deep in their life. Thank you for guiding us through these personal stories free from value judgments and ego. As each Wednesday built on the previous Wednesday, I felt the warm glow of authenticity hugging from all around.

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I just completed watching the videos in the zoom Freedom from Food Addiction course. You are a great inspiration! Although I must admit I am not mentally ready yet to forego flour and sugar (as I feel more in control of them compared to salty, savory, and fried fatty foods), I have taken baby steps by completely eliminating one of my biggest trigger foods like fried snacks and chips, and already feel better. The techniques and advice that you have given are very helpful and are good steps for me to overcome my own issues with food. Thank you again for the great course!

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I just had the experience of a lifetime at a Freedom from Food Retreat that
I wish to share. I went to the retreat anxiously, excited and not knowing
what to expect. I was immediately greeted with a welcoming beaming smile
by Sandra.

The greatest gift I got from this retreat was forgiveness and love. I
experienced childhood challenges that I've been managing the effects of for
years. With Sandra's help and guidance I learned to forgive and let go of
the pain. I could not tell you how freeing that was like. I now have love
and compassion for myself and the others. That was truly an unexpected

I was so inspired by the retreat that I made some necessary changes in my
life for long term success. I tend to eat and watch TV mindlessly. Never
knowing how much I eat or feeling full. I removed the TV from my dinning
area so I can eat more mindfully. Enjoying each bite and realizing when
I'm satisfied. I also created a warm space for reading or listening to
music. I've learned that recovering from food addiction is not just about
the food. It's more about my behaviours with food.

I can't express my gratitude enough towards Sandra and her Freedom from
Food retreat. This retreat was a beginning to my journey on food addiction
recovery and self acceptance. I would gladly recommend this retreat to
anyone who is suffering from food addiction. It's a great place to start
anyone's recovery.

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Hi Sandra,
Unfortunately I was only able to attend two sessions of the course due to
other commitments and a late start. I did however gain a lot of very
helpful information that is helping me in my journey. After years of yoyo
dieting and being part of the diet pop and fake sugar phenomenon it was
refreshing to hear that natural is best and fat is not the enemy. The
coping mechanisms to help with cravings was also helpful. The deep
breathing, relaxation and meditation practises were enlightening.
Thanks for being so candid about your own journey. Your sense of humour
helps a lot!
I hope to sign up again in the new year so I can benefit from the lessons I
Thank you for all you do!
You undoubtedly help a lot of people!

Merry Christmas

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Dear Sandra, I wanted to personally say "Thank you" to you. I am so
grateful for this experience. I am so grateful Dr. Wharton encouraged me to
take part in this series. He said I needed to meet you. That you would
understand in a way he never would. He was right. Your Food Recovery
program was the missing piece I needed in my journey of health & self-care.

I feel a calmness in my life I haven't felt before. I have had a huge shift
in perception on many different levels. I have also re-introduced
meditation & physical activity back into my life. I practice mindful eating
& I am very aware of my addictive voice. I thank YOU for that. Thank you.
Hugs. Tobi

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Sandra is amazing. I take great value from learning from her life — the good and the bad. I find it imperative in healing to have a person who really understands your struggle. Sandra does, and she makes it a point to tell her personal story so that the members of the group can relate.

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Good evening Sandra I hope the email doesn’t wake you. Sadly, I won’t be able to attend tomorrow. However, we are at the half way mark and I wanted to share with you how much I enjoy coming to your group. I find that it gives me the weekly drive to strive to be successful. It has prompted much thought for me and encouraged me to redefine what I thought success would look like. I admit I am still attached to that scale but I’m growing less attached to that number. I hope to ween myself from it but in four weeks
it hasn’t happened... but it will ... similar to a child with their security blanket.

You are an inspiration on more levels than what you realize. Not only have you guided us to face the food monster and rationalize it for us, through your stories you are encouraging us to be strong on all fronts, don’t accept negative talk from yourself or others and don’t let your gender and age define you. Maybe you didn’t say all that and maybe I’ve read between the lines and your actions too much... I mean all of that in the most
positive way.

I am so glad I asked my dr to help me and refer me somewhere. Everyone comes into your life for a reason and at the time you really need it. Thank you for shining so bright and being our beacon.

May your positive light keep you safe and guide you. Thanks again


I know you are desperate for a solution beyond dieting, and I know how it feels to blame yourself for a disease few people understand.


There is nothing wrong with you!

You are NOT lazy!

You are NOT weak!

You simply need a new way of relating to 

food and loving your body. 


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