Start an Unconditional Love Affair with Yourself

Start an Unconditional Love Affair with Yourself

Getting to a healthy body size isn’t just about food – I’m suggesting it may have little to do with food – but rather a daily diet of nurturing, caring and loving yourself. Getting your head and heart in the right place followed by massive action will always equal transformation.

The single most important relationship you will ever have is the one you have with yourself. It will determine the state of your:

  • Health,
  • Home,
  • Relationships, and
  • Finances

Imagine the success you would achieve with the understanding that you are – A Perfect Expression of Your Creator, and You are The Creator of Your Life!

So you might be asking… how do I even begin a love affair with myself? Well, I ask you, what if Miss or Mr. Wonderful walked into your life. How would you begin that love affair?

  • Would you spend quality time together?
  • Would you find out what makes them happy?
  • Would you try to see the very best in them?

So like any other important relationship in your life, it takes time, effort, and unconditional love.

Let’s explore this word unconditional – defined as wholehearted, unquestioning; and complete. How do I stand in the light of day with eyes that see everything that is good, right and beautiful about me? How do I come to terms with all of me?

Unconditional love makes me want to focus into the places I am the most uncomfortable with, the places I put the most conditions on.

For a big part of my life, the conditions were become thin, make people love me at any cost, and be perfect. Then I will be OK. I had to learn how to be OK with me in the present, as I was, in my totality. I challenge you to put on a different pair glasses, glasses that show you that the imperfections, the mistakes, the so-called ugly bits are valuable and are part of what makes you loveable.

A pair of glasses that allows you to stand in complete gratitude for who you are today. Looking for the purpose those imperfections serve? What lessons can they offer you? How can you be an example for others?

I used to believe being a food addict was my biggest curse, the part of myself I hated. I thought I could never have the life I wanted. As it turns out, it has been my greatest blessing. The only way to overcome my addiction is to live a life that is grounded in spirituality, self-care and being of service. Not only does this remedy my food addiction, it draws immense joy to my life. And it has allowed me to find my life purpose – To revolutionize the way we view dieting and our bodies!