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Episode 3 - Am I thin enough? And what is enough?

So I ask you, am I thin enough…. AND what is enough?!

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Episode 1 - My Story: Losing over 100lbs

On this edition, I share my story of recovery from food addiction and losing 100 pounds!

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Episode 9 - Food Politics

Marion Nestle’s book “Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health”, Marion shines a light on the advertising and the fierce competition for our food dollars. The abundance of food in North America has a downside.

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Episode 2 - Single most important relationship in your life

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Episode 10 - Brain Over Binge

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Episode 4: Food Serenity

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Episode 8 - Rational Recovery

On this edition, you will hear from Jack Trimpey the founder of Rational Recovery®, a prominent alternative in the field of addictions. He has developed an aggressive self-recovery approach. Learn more in this episode.

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Episode 5 - Neural Pathways in Food Addiction

Is your mind a friend or foe? Does food addiction involve neural pathways?

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Episode 6 - Spirituality and Addiction Recovery

We hear from Philip Werdell of ACORN Food Dependency Recovery Services.

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Episode 7 - Making It Through the Holidays

Tis the season to be jolly. For those who struggle this edition is for you!

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I know you are desperate for a solution beyond dieting, and I know how it feels to blame yourself for a disease few people understand.


There is nothing wrong with you!

You are NOT lazy!

You are NOT weak!

You simply need a new way of relating to 

food and loving your body. 


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