One-on-One Individualized Food Addiction Recovery Program

The One-on-One individualized sessions allows Sandra Elia to take you through the Food Addiction Recovery Program in a highly customized fashion to meet your specific needs.

During the 8 sessions, you will learn to:

  • Adopt a meal plan for recovery and eliminating trigger foods
  • Identify Food Addiction and understand its definition
  • Eat to stabilize your hormones and achieve appetite correction (Understand normal Hunger and Satiety and the roles Ghrelin, Leptin, Insulin play)
  • Understand how highly processed foods affect your brain which propels you compulsively overeat
  • Examine the Limbic / Reward pathways (Recognize the foods that give you massive hits of dopamine, serotonin, endorphins)
  • Create new neural pathways and end the addiction loop
  • Manage cravings
  • Eat mindfully
  • Create a Spiritual Practice
  • Deal with intense feelings when addictive eating stops
  • Navigate relationships in recovery
  • Learn about codependency and how to detach with love
  • Create a support network to ensure success
  • Prevent relapse and maintain recovery

Eight one-on-one session (1 hour each) – $999