November 4, 2015: Episode 6 – Spirituality and Food Addiction Recovery

  • I define Spirituality as returning to my true self, the real me. We are all born into this world perfect beings, then things happen to us and we lose our way. But the real me, at my core, is still that perfect being.  At my centre, where God lives, I am at peace, I rage at no one, I fear nothing, and I hunger for nothing.  When I consume food from this place, food addiction is an illusion.  My spiritual practice is remembering each moment of each day, who I am at my core, and recognizing who you are at your core.  This way I can be at peace with myself, be at peace with you and ultimately be at peace with food.
  • On this edition we hear from a very special guest Philip Werdell, he is a recovering Food Addict, and has dedicated his career to helping others with the same disease. Phil is the Director, of ACORN Food Dependency Recovery Services.