Episode 8 – Rational Recovery

January 6, 2016: Episode 8 – Rational Recovery

  • On this edition you will hear from Jack Trimpey the founder of Rational Recovery®, a prominent alternative in the field of addictions. He has developed an aggressive self-recovery approach, coining the term Addictive Voice Recognition Technique® (AVRT®).
  • Jack believes we have an animal brain (or mid-brain) that is responsible for all our basic survival needs, which of course includes eating. With people who struggle with food addiction, the animal brain has gone into over-drive. Jack will explain how to recognize when your animal brain has taken over, and starts speaking to you, which he calls the Addiction Voice.  He defines the Additive Voice as any idea, feeling or behavior that supports “using “whether it is alcohol, drugs or food.  By recognizing this addictive voice, it will fall silent.  Putting distance between yourself (your higher brain) and that animal brain, not reacting emotionally to its demands will over time weaken and ultimately kill off the urges to binge.
  • As a disclaimer, I don’t agree with everything Jack has to said, and at the same time some of his principles have been tremendously helpful in my recovery. So have a listen for yourself